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Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:Gotham, New Jersey, United States of America
[Player alias is Ki.]

[Steph has a Hero Point for Operation: Matador.]

Stephanie Brown - Batgirl

Steph was born in Gotham to Crystal and Arthur Brown. Her father was in and out of jail when she was growing up, as he spent his time going around as the criminal Cluemaster. When she became a teenager, Steph decided that she was fed up with her dad ruining the life she and her mother were trying to live, so when he broke out of jail, Steph donned a superhero suit of her own making and set out to spoil her dad's plans. As the Spoiler. Because she's awesome at naming things, okay.

Steph soon met Robin (Tim Drake), and they became friends. It frustrated Steph - a LOT - that she knew nothing about this boy who knew a lot about her, but Robin proved to be a good friend. When Steph found out that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's kid, Robin helped her through the pregnancy and the process of giving the baby up for adoption. After that ordeal, they dated for a while.

She also met and befriended Cassandra Cain, who worked as Batgirl in Gotham alongside the rest of the Batfamily. They became very close, and worked together on several occasions.

It wasn't until Steph's sudden promotion to Robin that she found out that Robin-her-boyfriend was actually Tim Drake, and that she was going to be taking over for him, since he was forced to retire. Steph did her absolute best as Robin, but due to Batman withholding some crucial details from her, ended up being attacked and very nearly killed by Black Mask.

Steph spent a long time recovering in Africa, thanks to Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She did eventually return to Gotham, and took the mantle of Batgirl from Cass, who was moving to Hong Kong to take up the mantle of Black Bat. Steph is still operating in Gotham as Batgirl.
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